Pharmacy Geoff :: Men's Health :: Vigamed (Phentolamine Mesylate) - 40mg (4 Tablets)

Vigamed (Phentolamine Mesylate) - 40mg (4 Tablets)

Vigamed (Phentolamine Mesylate) - 40mg (4 Tablets)

Vigamed (Phentolamine Mesylate) - 40mg (4 Tablets)


Vigamed is a drug with an active ingredient called phentolamine which is used in a number of applications, such as emergency reduction of dangerous high blood pressure due to cocaine use, and to counteract vasoconstriction resulting from other emergency treatments, such as norepinephrine infusions.

It treats erectile dysfunction in a different manner to PDE5 inhibitors. Phentolamine is an alpha-andrenergic antagonist which dilates blood vessels due to blockade of α1 action. It also blocks α2 action.

Vigamed helps the erection process through the body�s sympathetic nervous system, relaxing blood vessels and allowing increased blood flow into the penis to form an erection. Though it is not labeled for use as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in the U.S., it is used for that purpose in Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.

Vigamed works faster than other erectile dysfuntion medication, however is not effective for as many men others are. On the other hand, some men who have not had success with other medication have better results with Vigamed. Also, it is safer in men who take medications for high blood pressure. However, men should talk to their health care provider before trying Vigamed.

Adverse effects of Vigamed include low blood pressure, racing heartbeat, and heart arrhythmia. Also, weakness, dizziness, and flushing may occur, as may nausea and stomach upset.

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