Pharmacy Geoff :: HIV Treatments :: Zeffix (Lamivudine) - 100mg (28 Tablets)

Zeffix (Lamivudine) - 100mg (28 Tablets)

Zeffix (Lamivudine) - 100mg (28 Tablets)

Zeffix (Lamivudine) - 100mg (28 Tablets)
Brand name: Zeffix
Generic name: Lamivudine
Strength: 100mg
Form: tablets
Packaging: 28 tabs
Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline
Country of Origin: New Zealand

Zeffix is an antiviral medicine, used to treat patients with chronic liver infections, caused by hepatitis B.

Zeffix works by helping to reduce the amount of hepatitis B virus you have in your body, resulting in less liver damage.

Dosage and Administration
Take Zeffix as prescribed by your health care provider as other conditions and medications taken can affect the required dosage.

Generally, Zeffix is taken once a day, with or without food, alongside a full glass of water.

Side Effects
Possible side effects may include; tiredness, stomach aches or pains, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches or flu like symptoms.

If additional side effects occur you should contact your health care provider for advice.

Always inform your health care provider of any other medication you are currently on before taking Zeffix, including over the counter drugs as well as prescription medication.

Women who are pregnant, breast feeding, or trying to conceive should consult their health care providers before taking Zeffix.

Do not change your own dosage or stop taking Zeffix without the recommendation of your health care provider, and if for any reason you have not been taking Zeffix as prescribed you should tell your health care provider immediately.

Failure to take Zeffix as prescribed may make your hepatitis worse, causing further illness, in particular to your liver.
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