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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We provide several payment methods for our customers, and are always on the lookout for more. Currently our customers can pay by International Wire Transfer, International Cashier's Check, International Money Order. Please read our instructions below before completing payment. If you require any additional information, feel free to contact our customer service team who will be happy to help.

Credit Card
We are currently accepting payment via credit card.
Our credit card merchant provider often uses a date of birth verification method to help us prevent credit card misuse. This is nothing to be worried about. All verification information you enter is seen only by your own card issuer in order for them to approve or decline the transaction.

International Wire Transfer
Most banks will provide this service. Many banks allow you to set-up an International Wire Transfer over internet or telephone banking, while some may require you to set it up face-to-face at a branch. International Wire Transfers can take up to 5 business days to arrive in our account, after which we will dispatch your order as soon as possible. Once dispatched, we will send you a notification email along with a tracking number for your package.

Follow these steps to pay using this payment method:

  • Request an International Wire Transfer from your bank.
  • Provide all payee bank details as we have provided in our customer service email.
  • Use your Order ID number as the reference for the transfer.
  • Ensure that party liable for all charges and fees is the sender.

International Cashier's Check
International Cashier's Check (or Bank Draft) are easily obtained from your bank. They are similar to personal checks, however you pay for a Cashier's Check upfront, not later when it is cashed. As soon as we receive your International Cashier's Check we will approve your order for dispatch. Once dispatched, we will send you a notification email along with a tracking number for your.

Follow these steps and instructions if you wish to pay by International Cashier's Check:

  • Visit your bank and request a Cashier's Check for an International payee.
  • Provide the payment amount in USD (US Dollars).
  • Provide the payee name and your order ID number exactly as in your order confirmation email.
  • After successfully obtaining the International Cashier's Check, you need to mail it to us using the address provided in your order confirmation email. We strongly urge all customers to use registered mail when sending us anything important like this. We cannot be held liable for any mail which is lost before we receive it.
International Cashier's Check Example Image