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KIWOF PUPPY (Pyrantel Pamoate/Febantel) - 14.4mg/15mg (15mL)
Kiwof Puppy containing the active ingredients pyrantel pamoate and febantel is considered a broad spectrum dewormer type of medication. The medication works by acting on the cholinergic receptors of the worms and will be eliminated in the intestinal tract of the pet. It is effective against all spectrums of worms such as whipworms, hookworms and ascarids.

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Melonex Oral Suspension (Meloxicam) - 1.5mg (10ml)
Melonex Oral Suspension is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to prevent and treat arthritis in elderly dogs. The medication prevents the immune system from releasing chemicals known as prostaglandins that are responsible for the symptoms caused by the body's response to arthritis.

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VISIO TEARS (Polyvinyl Alcohol/Povidone IP/Chlorbutol IP) - 14mg/6mg/5mg (15mL)
VISIO TEARS is a solution containing Polyvinyl Alcohol, Povidone IP and Chlorbutol IP. They are supplied in a 15mL bottle that can be applied directly to your pet's affected eyes.

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Protektor Spot-On (Fipronil) - 9.7% (0.67mL)
Protektor Spot-On containing the active ingredient fipronil is a convenient, fast acting and effective tick and flea treatment for dogs. It can be used to kill adult fleas before they lay eggs and eliminate all stages of brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks and deer ticks. It can also prevent the development of flea eggs. It is a long lasting treatment, up to 3 months for treating fleas and up to 1 month for killing ticks and can help prevent re-infestation. The solution is used to treat dogs between 0 and 10kgs.

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KIWOF PLUS XL (Praziquantel/Pyrantel Pannoate/Febantel) - 175mg/504mg/525mg (4 Tablets)
Kiwof Plus XL has been a first line choice for deworming in pets for the past 20 years. The active ingredients praziquantel, pyrantel pannoate and febantel works by paralyzing the parasites while allowing the natural peristaltic action of the intestinal tract to eliminate the worms. The medication has been proven to be successful in removing whipworms, hookworms, tapeworms and ascarids in large dogs.

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Metaflam (Meloxicam) - 1mg (10 Chewable Tablets)
Metaflam (Meloxicam) is a treatment for dogs who have pain and inflammation as a result of acute or chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Metaflam is a selective cox-2 inhibitor and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

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Fiprofort (Fipronil) - 9.7%w/v (0.67mL x 3 Pipettes)(Small dog up to 10kg)
Fiprofort containing the active ingredient fipronil is an insecticide type of medication for small dogs up to 10kg. The medication works by causing uncontrolled activity on the central nervous system of insects and mites to eliminate them. It is proven to be extremely effective in killing fleas, ticks, lice and insect eggs and larvae within 24 to 48 of application. The solution will remain to be effective against ticks and fleas for at least 1 month depending on the environment around the pet.

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Carodyl (Carprofen) - 25mg (60 Chewable Tablets)
Carodyl (Carprofen) is a treatment to hep reduce the symptoms of canine arthritis in elderly dogs. Carodyl is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is sometimes used to decrease swelling and pain after medical procedures such as neutering or spaying.

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Panacur Oral Paste (Fenbendazole) - 18.75% (5g)
Panacur Oral Paste containing the active ingredient fenbendazole is a ready to administer oral anthelmintic for domestic puppies, kittens, cats and dogs. The paste is used mainly for the treatment and control of immature and mature stages of nematodes of the gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts. Some pet owners may use the medication to treat lungworms and it also has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs.

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Fiprofort Plus (Fipronil/S-Methoprene) - 100g/L/120g/L (0.5mL x 3 Pipettes)(Cats & Kittens 8 Weeks or Older)
Fiprofort Plus containing the active ingredients fipronil and s-methoprene is considered an insecticide type of medication for pets. The medication is a fast acting, long lasting and convenient formula used in the treatment of fleas, ticks and chewing lice. The treatment will last for up to a month and is very useful if your cat loves to go outside to play or mix with other animals. It is also waterproof and will remain effective even after the cat takes a bath. The solution not only will kill adult fleas but can also penetrate newly laid eggs to prevent reinfestation.

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