Pharmacy Geoff :: Men's Health :: Procalut (Bicalutamide) - 50mg (28 Tablets)

Procalut (Bicalutamide) - 50mg (28 Tablets)

Procalut (Bicalutamide) - 50mg (28 Tablets)

Procalut (Bicalutamide) - 50mg (28 Tablets)
Brand Name: Procalut
Generic Name: Bicalutamide
Form: Tablets
Manufacturer: Kocak Farma

What is Procalut?
Procalut is used to reduce the spreading of prostat cancer in males. It does not cure the cancer, but can slow the growth. Bicalutamide can be used alone, or as part of an overall treatment plan (usually along with a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone). Procalut blocks the male sex hormones (androgens) which are responsible for the growth and muliplication of cause prostate tumors.

How is Procalut used?
The usual dose of Procalut is 50 mg to 150 mg. The dose depends on the weight of the patient and the extent of the cancer. Your doctor will prescribe you a dosage based on your condition. Take Procalut at the same time each day. It may be better to take with food, as this can reduce the risk of nausea and vomiting. It is important to take bicalutamide every day, and for as long as your doctor prescribes it for you.

Depending on the severity of you cancer, Procalut may be taken in combination with other cancer treatments including radiation and chemotherapy.

Adverse effects
Procalut can cause some unwanted side effects including gynecomastia (enlarged male breast tissue), decreased libido, pain around the breast tissue and genitals, diarrhea, and impotence. As Procalut is usually given for prostate cancer in advanced stages, there can be other side effects due to the combined treatment efforts.

You may feel drowsy and dizzy as you get used to taking Procalut. Until you have become accustomed to the the affects of taking bicalutamide, you should not operate any type of vehicle or machinery. If the dosage is increased, there can be another adjustment period.

Women should never take Procalut and they should avoid handling it as an extra precaution, especially those who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Procalut may increase the risk on contracting Hepatitis, and may also increase the risk of contracting infections. You should discuss this with your doctor and take all necessary precautions.

Procalut may not be suitable if you are lactose intolerant or who have diabetes.

Long-term use of Procalut can have an adverse effect on the liver. Your doctor should test your liver before strating treatment, and then every six months during treatment. If you notice yellowing of the skin or very dark urine, notify your doctor know immediately.

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Procalut (Bicalutamide) - 50mg (28 Tablets)