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As many as eight million American women have osteoporosis, and another 13 to 17 million have low-bone density or bone mass at the hip, putting them at risk for developing the disease. Pharmacy Geoff has medications that you may have been prescribed for t


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Genox-20 (Tamoxifen Citrate) - 20mg (100 Tablets)
Genox works by blocking the activity of the hormone estrogen in the breast to stop the growth of certain tumors that require estrogen to grow. The medication can be used along with radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery to treat breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body or to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in patients with high risk of the disease.

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Kliovance (17-Oestradiol/Norethisterone Acetate) - 1mg/0.5mg (28 Tablets)
Kliovance is used as a hormone replacement supplement for menopausal women who suffer from falling levels of estrogen and the symptoms caused by this, such as vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, and hot flushes.

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Lupride Injection (Leuprolide Acetate) - 11.25mg (2mL)
Lupride injection is predominately used by female patients to help treat endometriosis. Endometriosis is when cells start to grow outside of the uterus which results in pain surrounding the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

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Lutinus (Progesterone) - 100mg (21 Tablets)
Lutinus is a vaginal tablet containing 100mg of progesterone per tablet. It is indicated in infertile women who are undergoing assisted reproduction such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Lutinus helps to increase luteal support to improve the chances of pregnancy.

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Lynoral (Ethinylestradiol) - 0.05mg (10 Tablets)
Lynoral can be used for the management of menopausal symptoms (hormone replacement therapy) such as post menopausal osteoporosis, breast cancer, dysmenorrheal, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and female hypogonadism. Some women may also take it along with other medications as an oral contraceptive or birth control pill and to regulate the menstrual cycle.

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Marvelon (Ethinylestradiol/Desogestrel) - 0.03mg/0.15mg (84 Tablets)
Marvelon containing the 2 active ingredients ethinylestradiol and desogestrel is a type of combined hormonal contraceptive also known as “the pill”. It works by changing the body’s hormonal balance so the ovaries do not ovulate and to increase the thickness of the natural mucus at the neck of the womb to make it more difficult for sperm to cross the vagina into the womb and reaching an egg. Some women may also take the tablets to regulate and have lighter and less painful menstrual bleeding.

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Needle for ZyHCG - 29g x 1/2" (10 needles per pack)
ZyHCG syringes are single-use syringes which are 29 gauge, 1cc, and 1/2" in length. They are sold as a bundle of ten syringes.

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Osteofos (Alendronate Sodium) - 10mg (10 Tablets)
Osteofos works by increasing bone density and preventing bone breakdown which may prevent bone fractures. It is used to treat or prevent osteoporosis in patients taking corticosteroids and also by women who have undergone menopause.

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Perfect Skin hydro-complex - (30 Capsules)
Perfect Skin hydro-complex is a dietary supplement with a mixture of active ingredients with particular emphasis on collagen, which helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It contains grape seed and green tea extracts, which help protect the body against free radicals. The supplement is also enriched with vitamins and minerals to help keep the hair and nails in good condition as well as protecting the cells from oxidative stress. The product is a must have for women looking to maintain and enhance the appearance of their skin.

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Pitocin Injection (Oxytocin) - 0.5mL (10 x 0.5mL Ampoules)
Pitocin Injection is a synthetic form of the natural hormone oxytocin that is normally released by the pituitary gland in the brain towards the end of pregnancy. The medication works by stimulating contractions of the uterus and smooth muscle of the womb. It is used to induce or strengthen labor that has already started naturally and stimulate contractions that help push out the placenta and prevent heavy bleeding after childbirth.

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