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Weight loss can be difficult. To avoid the hazards of yo-yo dieting, and binge eating, a healthy diet plan is easily built by having a correct balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Pharmacy Geoff?? products under this category hel


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XLS Medical Fat Binder - 60 Tablets
XLS Medical Fat Binder containing the main active ingredient litramine is a clinically proven, all natural weight loss supplement. The tablets should be used along with a balanced diet and regular physical activity for effective weight control. The medication works by binding to as much as 27% of dietary fats you eat, making it indigestible and passed through the body before it can be absorbed by your body. The natural ingredients are kosher certified and are also suitable for vegans.

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Zevert (Betahistine) - 16mg (10 Tablets)
Zevert contains the active ingredient betahistine and is considered a histamine analogue type of treatment. It works by improving the blood flow in the inner ear to reduce build up pressure and fluid within the inner ear. It is used to treat attacks of vertigo, tinnitus and loss of hearing caused by Ménière's disease. Some people may also use the medication for obesity management.

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ZyHCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) - 2000i.u. (includes 1 x single-use needle)
ZYHCG is a hormone commonly referred to as HCG, which has a range of uses. These include promoting weight loss, treating both male and female patients experiencing fertility problems, and treating young boys suffering from delayed puberty. It operates by affecting ovulation in women and increasing sperm production and count in men. This product comes packaged complete with one sealed single-use 1/2" 26/29 gauge needle.

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